Pervasive Computing technologies allow to re-think the way we interact with information technologies. Using sensors, actuators, wireless communication and embedded processing we can create new interactive experiences. In this course we look together at concepts, technologies, methods and tools for new interface. The course includes a conceptual foundation and practical applications. Students will learn to re-think their approach towards human computer interaction based on concrete group projects.


Introduction and Motivation

Expressing Ideas and Creating Early Prototypes

Lecture Materials & Slides

2007-10-08: Introduction to Unconventional User Interaction

2007-11-12: Overview, Terms, History

2007-12-10: Basics and Principles of HCI

2008-01-07: Humans and Technologies

2008-02-01: Evaluation of User Interfaces


Contributed Links

All students who find reseources that they like to share with others in the context of this course are welcome to sent them to us. We will post them here.